Combatting Spring Allergies in Temecula

Allergies are an unwelcome side effect of what is otherwise a very welcome season. For some people, the blossoming of nature and the longer, warmer days are overshadowed by the unpleasant symptoms of a seasonal allergy.

Keeping allergies in check is very important, especially in the elderly.  If a person suffers from cardiovascular, respiratory, or immune system problems, then a simple allergy suddenly becomes a whole lot more to worry about.

Paying attention to the weather and the air quality forecasts becomes an important part of a daily routine, and constant cleaning and washing becomes the norm.

A Caregiver providing home care in Temecula can help with some of these things and help your loved one stay on top of their bothersome allergy symptoms.

Medical Care

Seeking the advice of a doctor will seem like overkill for many sufferers of seasonal allergies, especially since most remedies and antihistamines are available to purchase over-the-counter.

However, elderly people may suffer from more pronounced symptoms due to other underlying conditions.  These conditions may require their own prescriptions, and using additional treatments on top of these may cause side effects, or worse, render important medications ineffective.

If you describe symptoms to a doctor, there is a good chance that he or she will be able to isolate what is causing the allergy.  If so, there may be measures you can take to relieve the allergies.


Allergens are tiny airborne particles that cause the symptoms of allergies.  Reducing contact with allergens can go a long way in helping to reduce the unpleasant and annoying sensations they bring.

An air purifier is an excellent option to try, as it will reduce the number of allergens in the air inside the home.  It sucks in the air, which is full of dust, spores, allergens, and bacteria, filters all the bad things out, and then pushes the clean air out the other side.

Once you have an air purifier, it’s important to ensure that any existing allergens are cleared out, too.  They cling to soft fabrics and gather wherever you see dust.  Make sure clothes are washed regularly.  Suggest that your loved one wear change into different clothes when they come in from outside.

Bed sheets, carpets, sofas, and curtains are also places that would benefit from regular washing and cleaning.

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