Why Is Proper Wound Care So Important?

Elderly individuals who live independently at home can benefit from the presence of family members and caregivers who help them maintain a safe, comfortable existence. But when a senior experiences an injury that requires medical attention, it’s often necessary for family members to understand the importance of wound care. Wounds occur more often among the elderly compared to other groups, and if they are not treated properly, they can lead to conditions that put lives in danger.

Wounds can occur from falls, surgeries or even complications related to other conditions, such as diabetes. Regardless of how they occur, it’s important for seniors to receive the proper wound care with effective, immediate treatment and ongoing diligence.

If you are looking for help with senior care San Diego CA, you may be interested in the services of skilled nurses for a variety of reasons, but it’s particularly important to seek the services of a reputable home health agency if your loved one is recovering at home and requires proper wound care.

Understanding Different Types of Wounds

One of the most important things skilled caregivers can do is provide expertise in understanding– and treating – different types of wounds.

Minor scrapes require one type of treatment, while severe gashes require another. There are many types of wounds that seniors can experience, each with a specific type of appropriate treatment. If you are caring for a senior loved one, determining the proper treatment (based on the proper identification) is crucial, which is where home health caregivers in San Diego can come in and provide invaluable assistance.

Acute and Chronic Wounds

Less serious wounds, like minor scrapes, require less serious attention. However, when wounds occur suddenly, they require immediate action. These sudden wounds, which are known as “acute wounds,” can be incredibly painful and can easily lead to infection, especially with seniors. In addition to severe pain, symptoms include bleeding and swelling.

Treating acute wounds involves applying pressure, cleaning the wound thoroughly, dressing the wound properly and taking the proper medications – including antibiotics – to ensure proper healing.

When acute wounds do not heal properly, they can become chronic wounds, which can be particularly dangerous for seniors. In fact, when an acute wound transforms into a chronic wound, it can come with severe side effects, such as infection, ulcers and inflammation.

Often, when chronic wounds develop, it means that in-home senior care can no longer be relied upon; in these cases, hospitalization is often necessary.

Home Health Care San Diego and Proper Wound Care

If you are concerned that a senior loved one may be prone to injury and the development of wounds, it's recommended that you enlist the services of a skilled home health care provider. Skilled nurses can help create conditions in the home that minimize the possibility of wounds occurring, but more importantly, they can ensure that wounds, when they occur, are treated properly. This creates a scenario in which healing happens faster, preventing chronic wounds from developing.

Find Help With Wound Care for San Diego Seniors

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