When a Loved One Needs Speech Therapy

Communication is one of the things that makes life special. For most of us, this means being able to speak and listen effectively. We tend to assume that these abilities will always be with us, and for most people, that is exactly the case. However, many individuals — whether it’s through aging or other factors — lose the ability to communicate. This is where speech therapy (also known as Speech-Language Pathology) comes in.


What Do Skilled Speech Therapy Providers Do?

Skilled speech therapists focus their care on ways to improve an individual’s ability to communicate effectively. They also work with patients who have trouble swallowing, ensuring that they can eat safely, which is particularly important for elderly patients who continue to live independently at home. Speech therapists are trained to identify problems and provide treatments designed specifically to improve communication abilities and avoid dangers associated with an inability to swallow. With their attentive focus on patients’ speech and swallowing functions, they are often able to identify and improve areas that might otherwise go unnoticed by loved ones and other caregivers.


When Is Skilled Speech Therapy Needed?

Seniors who choose to live at home are, by nature, independent individuals who relish the ability to take care of themselves and handle the responsibilities of daily living with little assistance from others. Given these characteristics, they may be unwilling to admit that they experience troubles with communication and/or swallowing. That means it’s up to you to take note of changes in communication abilities.

  • Are you noticing difficulties that were not present in the past?
  • Does a loved one seem to be compensating for an inability to speak, listen or use cognition skills?
  • Have you noticed that a parent or loved one has had trouble enjoying meals or swallowing food?

If you said “yes” in response to one or more of these questions, it’s probably time to seek out skilled speech therapy services for your loved one.


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