The Benefits of Yoga for San Diego Seniors

Seniors in San Diego get to enjoy some of the world’s best weather, which is highly conducive to getting outside and being active. But just because seniors live here in one of the most gorgeous areas of the country doesn’t mean that they are immune from many of the exercise-related injuries that can occur when older bodies take on too much activity. Staying active is crucial for the best senior care San Diego CA, but older folks can’t afford to get injured, which is why yoga has become so intriguing.

home health careYoga has earned incredible popularity throughout the US, and there are numerous options right here in San Diego for seniors who want to participate in the practice. However, seniors who receive in-home care San Diego CA might not be willing to try the practice because it is so unfamiliar — and possibly strange — to them.

Are you responsible for a senior who receives home health care San Diego CA? Do you wonder what you can do to convince them to be more active? You might be interested in finding out how yoga can benefit your loved one — and how you might be able to convince them to give it a try.

Yoga Benefit #1 — The Perfect Low-Impact Exercise Alternative

Exercise is tough for many seniors because it’s so hard on the body. It often leads to stress and strain, which, in turn, can cause injuries that can be difficult to recover from.

Yoga, on the other hand, is all about stretching and flexibility in the service of building a stronger, healthier body. That makes it an ideal alternative to other forms of exercise. Its low-impact nature is perfect for seniors who wish to remain physically strong and flexible without harming their fragile bodies.


Yoga Benefit #2 — Stronger Senior Bones

Individuals who require elder care San Diego CA often suffer from weak, brittle bones, which makes getting into a regular exercise routine difficult, if not impossible.

By practicing yoga, seniors can stop putting so much strain on their bones. In fact, yoga has been shown to increase bone density, which makes it one of the perfect forms of activity for San Diego seniors.


Yoga Benefit #3 — Mental and Physical Flexibility Increases

Yoga is known for its benefits not just on the body, but the mind, as well. Seniors who have trouble relaxing or who deal with rigid muscles and joints can benefit from the practice tremendously because it can reduce tension in the body and the brain. What’s more, a regular yoga practice can help establish better breathing patterns, which can lead to a decrease in production of stress hormones like cortisol. For many seniors, this is exactly what’s needed to start living a healthier, more comfortable — and much less stressful — life!


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