The Benefits of In-Home Speech Therapy

When a loved one suffers a stroke or is battling the effects of dementia, their ability to communicate often becomes severely hampered. The ability to express oneself through speech is important, but it’s crucial for seniors who need to depend on others for their basic needs. And when emergencies occur, the ability to communicate through speech becomes critical to survival.

Unfortunately, not all family members and caregivers know what to do once the ability to speak has diminished or lost due to a stroke, dementia, head injury or simply through the natural aging process. Help is available, however, through speech therapy, which has now become an important component of the in-home senior care model.

Speech Therapy in a Comfortable Setting

When a person’s ability to speak has become lost or diminished, it can deal a debilitating blow to their confidence, comfort and independence. Seniors who suffer losses in their speech abilities are often reluctant to visit specialists and make arrangements to travel to clinics or hospitals – they just don’t want to burden their loved ones – and they sometimes feel embarrassment at the need to relearn communication skills

Fortunately, the landscape of the senior-care industry has shifted to a home-based model that allows aging individuals and others to receive vital therapies from the comfort of their home, helping seniors retain their independence and dignity.

Trained speech therapists are able to visit their patients at home and provide help with cognition, voice control, language, swallowing problems and other issues associated with diminishing speech abilities. And when they’re able to provide help in a comfortable setting such as a senior’s home, the results are often remarkable!

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