Skilled Nursing and Compassionate Care at Home

Growing older is usually accompanied by a need for more frequent visits to the doctor and a greater need for medical care, in general. Aging individuals who become ill or disabled deserve to have compassionate care, given to them by highly skilled individuals who provide a personal touch, but that level of support has been relegated to expensive, high-tech facilities that not all seniors can access. Fortunately, things are changing in the world of senior care, allowing for the finest medical and non medical in home services for seniors — and their families — who want the best care, but prefer to receive it in comfortable, familiar surroundings.

Skilled nursing provided in the home gives seniors the chance to live how they want to live while receiving everything that they require, medically. This combination helps seniors enjoy a better quality of life, and it even makes it possible to live longer.


What Does In Home Skilled Nursing Entail?

When a senior receives in home medical care from a skilled provider, they can experience help with the following areas, all within the comfortable home environment:

  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medication education
  • Disease education
  • Wound care
  • Regular observation and assessment

When these services are provided in the home, it benefits the patient greatly, but there are benefits for caregivers and loved ones, as well:

  • Easier for friends and family members to visit
  • Greater independence and freedom
  • More balance in their lives and less stress
  • Peace of mind
  • Less expensive than inpatient care


A Better Chance to Heal

More and more seniors are receiving medical care at home from skilled nurses and other caregivers, and it’s becoming clear that this type of care provides more than just comfort and ease for patients and their families; in home medical care actually makes it possible to heal and recover more quickly. Being able to function at home gives patients a sense of dignity that’s often missing when they are required to receive inpatient care. And studies have indicated that those who recover from surgeries and other procedures at home tend to recover faster with fewer instances of hospital readmission being necessary.


Learn More about Skilled In Home Care in San Diego

Would you like to learn more about options for receiving medical care at home? Our dedicated team of Home Health professionals, including; RNs, Social Workers, and Skilled Therapists are ready to assist you or your loved one in a safe transition home to continue your road to a full, healthy recovery.  In addition, our highly trained and skilled caregivers can lighten your load and ensure that coming home is an occasion for celebration and relief. Call us today at (619) 757-1114 to learn more.



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