Sing Out for Better Dementia Care!

Staying healthy during the aging process has become easier over time thanks to advances in medicine, nutrition and technology. As a result, today’s seniors enjoy excellent physical health compared to older individuals from bygone eras. But when it comes to neurological and psychological disorders, many seniors and their families feel like they don’t have a lot of power to prevent them from happening. Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia present special challenges to families and others who provide senior care San Diego and elsewhere, but science has revealed some interesting new ways of improving brain health, many of which might seem unconventional.


musicThe Power of Music in San Diego Home Health Care

Music is one of the more powerful secret weapons that exists in the fight against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. When patients are exposed to meaningful music (music that’s connected to memories or important times in one’s life), they are generally much better able to recall past events. Music is an amazing tool for providing the best home health care San Diego has to offer, particularly for families struggling to connect with a loved one who may be experiencing the ravaging effects of dementia.



Elderly Care San Diego — Better Brain Health Through Music

Music therapists here in San Diego and elsewhere have been experiencing remarkable results from playing certain types of music to dementia patients, but research suggests that there are perhaps even more powerful ways to benefit from music through active participation.

Singing, in particular, has scientists excited because it has shown an ability to enhance mental connections and keep senior brains healthy and sharp.


Singing Science

A recent study concluded that singing is a formidable weapon in the fight against various neurological disorders. Researchers discovered that singing stimulated “emotional wellness” centers of the brain, in addition to helping elderly individuals improve their overall ability to communicate.


Here are some additional facts:

Measurable Quality-of-Life Indicators Improve through Singing

Seniors who participated in singing sessions reported higher levels of confidence, quality of life and overall well-being.

Singing Is Good for the Brain and The Body

Studies performed at Washington DC’s George Washington University revealed that singing helps elderly brains, but researchers also found that regular singing sessions improve posture, breathing, eyesight and other physical functions. Participants of the study also had fewer necessary hospital visits.

Singing Strengthens Communities

Making connections with others is incredibly important for seniors, but singing has a special way of bringing people together, allowing for connections that might not otherwise be made.

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