Seniors and Occupational Therapy: In-Home Care for Better Outcomes

As adults age, they often experience diminished abilities when it comes to taking part in daily activities. Additionally, many older individuals experience illnesses and injuries that can affect their lives and routines in significant ways. Whether they are actually employed or not, individuals who suffer from an inability to participate normally in their daily activities frequently require occupational therapy. Today, seniors can receive life-changing occupational therapy at home from skilled professionals. Whether they need help when it comes to regaining certain abilities, or they simply need to find new ways to manage their daily lives while preventing further injury or decline, seniors can work with highly trained individuals in an environment that’s familiar and highly conducive to recovery.

A More Manageable Life at Home

One of the most important things that occupational therapists do is transform doctor’s orders into manageable, daily activities. Without their help, patients might feel uncomfortable – or unwilling – to take part in their own care and recovery. Here are a few examples of how in-home occupational therapy can help your aging loved one:

  • Medication Management Taking meds is a part of the typical senior’s daily routine. Occupational therapists can help to develop positive habits and routines in regard to the administration of medication.
  • Recovery from Heart Failure Heart disease affects numerous seniors, and many of them struggle to recover after they’ve suffered cardiac incidents. With the help of in-home occupational therapists, however, patients can truly master new daily activities, diets and more.
  • Diabetes Care Diabetes patients need to work hard just to manage their conditions. This involves medication, monitoring, healthy meal planning and more. When seniors become overwhelmed, occupational therapists can ease them into routines that keep them comfortable and healthy.

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