Seniors and Hoarding — How to Help Them Let Go

We live in a consumer-driven culture, which means that the longer we live, the more stuff we tend to accumulate. For many of us, there is a healthy relationship with all of the stuff we hold onto over the years; we store it in areas of our homes that are suitable for keeping items safe, or we rent storage units that allow us to keep our items, but have them be located away from the home. And for most of us, we recognize when it’s time to simply throw unused, unwanted items away. However, there are many people who find it nearly impossible to let go of items; so much so that it causes stress and strain in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


If you are concerned about an individual in your life who may require senior care San Diego and is suffering from an over-accumulation of stuff, you may be worried that there is nothing you can do to help them let go and discontinue their tendency to hoard.


Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to shift your loved one’s mindset in a way that allows them to say goodbye to things that no longer serve them.


Let’s take a look at some helpful tips!


Don’t Judge — Just Be There to Help


It’s easy to place judgment on people for their inability to let material possessions go, especially if you simply can’t understand why a person would want to hold onto a particular item.


But a judgmental attitude is the least helpful thing you can bring to the table if you’re trying to assist an older individual in your life.


Instead, you need to be there with your loved one so you can make the sorting and decision-making process easier. People who are in danger of letting their hoarding tendencies take over their lives need moral support so they can let go of their possessions. You need to be there to provide that support.


Offer Encouragement and a Nudge in the Right Direction


When you’re helping a senior loved one get rid of stuff, it’s important to break the process down into smaller chunks. Encourage your loved one to think and start small. And then make sure you congratulate them on making decisions to say goodbye to things. Also, when your loved one seems stuck, you need to be the one to move them onto the next step in the process.


Be Aware of the Issue Before it Becomes a Problem


Serious hoarding issues can almost always be prevented by loved ones who have the heart to intervene. When you see piles of items accumulating, or if you notice that a once well-organized loved one has become less interested in keeping their home clean and orderly, you need to be there to encourage them to move forward mindfully and to remove items in a safe, healthy and thoughtful manner.


More Help for San Diego Seniors


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