Recovering from Surgery: 4 Ways Caregivers Make a Difference

If you’re caring for an elderly loved one after they’ve experienced a surgery, it’s likely that you’re feeling overwhelmed. Or if there is a surgery on the horizon, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to ensure the proper recovery. The post surgery time frame is a critical one for any individual, but it’s particularly critical for seniors, whose health can be much more delicate.

One way to make sure that your loved one receives the proper post surgery care is to hire a home health caregiver. Home health care San Diego CA is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, but you may be curious about the ways in which it can not only help you care for your loved one, but also help your loved one recover more quickly and more completely after a surgery.

Here are some of the ways home health caregivers in San Diego can help families care for an aging loved one post surgery.

Help Following Doctor’s Orders

When an older individual returns home after a surgery, they often feel compelled to return to the way of life they experienced – and were comfortable with – prior to the surgery. It can be all-too easy to return to the old routine. But following the doctor’s post surgery orders is far more important than returning to a familiar way of life. The problem is that family members do not always feel comfortable enforcing the doctor’s orders, especially when they go against the tendencies and desires of the person in their care.

Home health caregivers understand the importance of following doctor’s orders, plus they operate without the emotional attachment that might keep you and other family members from doing the right thing.

Help With Sleep

Surgery is often quite a literal shock to the system for older individuals, which can lead to a change in normal sleep patterns. And when people don’t get the sleep they require, they can become irritable and experience further health problems.

Skilled caregivers can help with the sleep schedule, using techniques that help with relaxation. They can also recommend and administer medications that help with better sleep.

Medication Assistance

Managing medications is a challenge for many seniors, but it can become even more complicated and difficult after a surgery.

Home health care providers are exceptionally skilled with managing medications for older individuals, which is essential for the proper recovery after a surgery.

Accompaniment to Doctor’s or Physical Therapy Appointments

Having a home health expert on your team will make post surgery visits to the doctor or physical therapist’s office more fruitful. They will know the right questions to ask, plus they can provide crucial details about the recovery process in a manner that family members or non skilled caregivers may not be able to accomplish.

For More Information on Post Surgery Home Health Care

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