Questions for an Elder Law Attorney

A relatively new area of legal practice known as Elder Law has emerged. This discipline tackles the concerns faced by aging individuals who wish to prepare their legal affairs before becoming too forgetful or ill. Elder lawyers specialize in giving older individuals a voice and protecting them from being taken advantage of.



What could these concerns pertain to? Someone has to be in charge of making financial decisions if mom or dad becomes too confused by Alzheimer’s to manage. A trustworthy individual must be appointed to handle bank details and arrange payment for care at this stage. This trusted individual would also make decisions about long term care as per agreements put down on paper between a lawyer and client. There are laws protecting senior citizens, but the best choice is speaking with a lawyer. Make certain your wishes are respected when you no longer have a say.

Is My Will in Order?

This is probably the first concern: whether your last will and testament should be altered to reflect potential changes in your future. Ensure the document is legally binding or have it altered as per suggestions from a professional.

Am I Eligible for Funding if I Need Care?

What does Medicare have to say about your finances as you approach the last years of life? There could be money available to help pay for home support or renovations to make a home safer.

What about This Elder Lawyer: Is She Legitimate?

Do not be afraid to ask an attorney outright if he or she has the qualifications to handle your case. He or she can probably provide references or supply evidence of successful cases handled at that firm. See their certification and talk to the lawyer in person before paying any money so you feel good about working with this particular attorney.

Senior Care in San Diego

Companies that offer home care and assisted living in San Diego are often the best resources for families facing the challenges of aging. Consult with one of our experts in San Diego, CA, today for more information about hiring an Elder Lawyer.

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