Planning Long Term Care for Your Loved One

Imagining that your mother or grandfather may one day be too old to live safely at home is depressing, but it might be realistic if there is an underlying medical problem. As loved ones, you have the choice of letting things happen without being ready to handle it, or preventing distress and confusion by preparing ahead of time.

Prepare for Home Care

Senior care in San Diego, California is available in many formats. It’s possible your aging loved one will not have to leave home for some time yet if his or her condition is deteriorating slowly and they are still reasonably independent, but a spouse might be grateful for some respite. In this case, talk to a health care agency about bringing in an in-home care worker once or more each week. This professional will handle jobs that are too tiring or easily forgotten, such as cleaning and preparing meals.

The Next Step

As time goes by, the care support person will develop a relationship with the client. Weekly reports will reflect changes in the client’s mental and physical abilities. This knowledge empowers the children or grandchildren to make choices for their family member’s well being, which might include increasing home care, moving a loved one to assisted care, or considering a nursing home if it’s in the person’s best interest.

Learn from Professionals

Professional home care agencies are also excellent sources of information. Use their knowledge to brainstorm about aspects of care that you might not have considered. Has someone been appointed power of attorney? Does grandpa have a living will? Is there funding available to help pay for medical care in a loved one’s old age? Perhaps great-uncle has the money needed to move him into a facility with more support?

Home Care San Diego is ready to help. You don’t have all the answers, so let our trained support workers and home care professionals assist you in making those tough decisions. Let them guide you through the process of caring for a beloved senior. With their insight, natural aspects of aging are manageable and you will feel more confident. Call our San Diego office for an appointment today.

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