Hiking Provides Some of the Best Possible Exercise for Seniors

Staying active not only improves health but it also fosters happiness, social connections and greater mental acuity. You can ensure that your loved one stays active, healthy and happy by arranging for senior care in San Diego CA. In-home companions can handle all of the logistics for safe and exhilarating outings along San Diego’s serene Batiquitos Lagoon Trail and Presidio Park Trail.

Seniors who prefer urban scenery can enjoy friendly walks through the city’s captivating Gaslight Quarter. The important key in maintaining health is to encourage physical activity. Incorporating exercise through hiking and walking generates many health benefits and according to a study published by the “Journal of the American Geriatric Society,” lowers the risk of heart attacks.

Hiking and Elderly Care in San Diego CA

Hiking might seem challenging for some seniors, but San Diego offers an incredible range of hiking venues for capabilities of all ranges. A University of Georgia study found that walkers increased physical function scores by 25% and aerobic capacity by 19%. The American Heart Association recommends seniors to engage in walking in order to generate the following benefits:

– Raise in blood sugar and energy levels
– Improves in lipid profiles
– Reduces the risks of developing osteoporosis, diabetes and colon and breast cancers
– Regulates weight and reduces obesity
– Fosters greater mental acuity
– Improves blood circulation

Some seniors may have physical limitations, medical requirements or mobility challenges that require attention. In-home care in San Diego provides the best companions to handle these activities with the utmost care and understanding. These trained professionals can check with your loved one’s physician before planning an outing and adjust the hike according to their recommendations. The caregivers will also prepare ahead of time for these walks or hikes so that no one faces discomfort or excursions that are too challenging.

Benefits of Always Best Care Services

The services for in-home care in San Diego aren’t just for duties around the house. When you hire Always Best Care, caregivers can provide transportation, supervision and companionship for healthy hikes through some of the world’s most scenic wonderlands. It is evident that walking is an easy way to improve senior health and social engagement. An Always Best Care professional can ensure that your loved one has everything they may need whether it be water to drink, appropriate footwear, emergency communication and medical devices, proper clothing, and protection from the sun.

In San Diego, even wheelchair-bound and mobility-challenged seniors can enjoy getting fresh air at the “Jas Arnold Trail for All People,” which is located at nearby Rancho Peñasquitos.

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