Helping Senior San Diegans Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of those things that many people take for granted, but for others, it’s a nightly struggle. And for some individuals, sleep is something that they assume they can catch up on later. There are consequences to not getting enough sleep, and these consequences affect seniors in much more significant ways than they do younger individuals. In fact, a lack of good sleep can cause health issues for seniors — or exacerbate existing ones.


Elderly Care San Diego — The Symptoms of a Lack of Sleep

Are you caring for an older loved one who might not be getting the proper sleep? It’s important to understand the symptoms:

  • Confusion
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Frequent loss of balance
  • Diminished immune response
  • Increased irritability

In order to provide excellent San Diego home health care to a senior loved one, sleep cannot be ignored, particularly when you consider that sleep can have such a considerable impact on a senior’s life and health.


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Senior Care San Diego — Five Tips for Better Sleep


#1 — Is Nap Time Necessary?

The afternoon nap is a staple in the lives of many seniors, but it might not be contributing to overall restfulness and good health. Sleep is needed most at night, so if your loved one isn’t getting enough shuteye after dark, it might be time to reconsider if the afternoon nap is a good idea.


#2 — Proper Sleep Preparation

Providing good home health care San Diego means ensuring that a senior loved one winds down properly before bedtime. You can help them develop a regular routine that they can look forward to each evening to help them get a good night’s sleep!


#3 — Say Goodbye to the Nightly Adult Beverage

Although alcohol consumption can lead to drowsiness, it’s actually not a good idea to depend on it to ensure a good night of sleep. In fact, consuming alcohol before bedtime can diminish a senior’s ability to sleep through the night.


#4 — Build a Great Space for Sleep

Assess the state of your loved one’s bedroom. What is the bed like? Does the room maintain a comfortable temperature? What about the ability to dial in just the right amount of light? You want to ensure a nice, pleasant and relaxed setting.


#5 — A Bath Before Bed

As you consider making changes to your loved one’s routine, think about the benefits of a nice, warm bath before bedtime. It can do a lot to help a senior ease into a sleepy state!


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