Helpful Tips for Managing Senior Medications

Seniors in San Diego have access to exceptional care options when it comes to extending their lives and making them more comfortable. Those older individuals who choose to remain at home get to experience a quality of life that simply does not exist elsewhere, but when it comes to senior care San Diego, the challenges that come with keeping track of medications are the same as they are anywhere else. Older individuals, more than any other group, tend to have trouble when it comes to the proper management of their medications, so it’s often necessary for loved ones and caregivers to step in.

In many cases, seniors have trouble remembering to take their meds. When you consider the fact that the average senior requires seven different types of medication, combining prescriptions and over-the- counter remedies, it’s easy to see how management of meds might become difficult.

Managing medications for seniors has even become its own cottage industry, with numerous gadgets and gizmos on the market designed to help older individuals keep track of their pills and remedies. It’s even possible to set up telephone reminders or engage with representatives from drug companies, who have set up systems designed to help seniors stay on track with their medications.

The best way to ensure the proper management of medication is to rely on family members and other loved ones to help, but these people don’t always know the best way to ensure the proper medication management.

Following are some helpful medication management tips for family members and others.

Maintain a Comprehensive Medication List

This list contains all pertinent information on medications that a senior loved one is taking. The list should include the names of medications, as well as dosages, dosage frequency and the reasons for taking it.

The medication list should be made available to all who care for the senior, but it should also be brought to doctor visits.

Talk to the Pharmacist

A lot of family members rely solely on what prescribing doctors tell them about a given medication, forgetting that pharmacists play an equally important role in terms of the medications that are administered to their loved ones. They can inform seniors and their loved ones about side effects and other information about what can be expected.

Be Aware of Side Effects

Talking to the pharmacist can give seniors, family members and other caregivers valuable information about side effects, but it’s also helpful for those on the care giving team to consult with doctors and understand how different medications interact with one another. It can be a complicated, confusing process, but the more that’s understood about medication, the more likely for it to be able to help.

Consider Home Health Care San Diego

Home Health caregivers, which include CNAs and RNs, are able to provide valuable advice and assistance for medication management. They understand what different medications do, and they can help with techniques that ensure that seniors take the right meds at the right times. If medication management has become too complicated for you or other family members to handle, it’s recommended that you seek the services of a skilled home health provider in San Diego.

More Help With Medication Management

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