Going Back Home — Helping Seniors with Home Discharge

The hardest part of a stay in the hospital or a rehab facility isn’t always the stay itself; sometimes coming home and readjusting to “normal” life presents the biggest challenge. The decision to go home is one that must feel appropriate to the patient, the hospital or rehab facility staff and the family, but it isn’t always easy to get everyone on the same page. So when all parties agree that it’s time to go home, it can feel like the end of a chapter.

But a new chapter is just about to begin.


Here’s how you can help a senior loved one recover properly and make the transition back to life at home after a stay in a medical facility or rehab center.


#1 — Have the Proper Supplies and Equipment Ready

Often, a senior will come home with supplies provided by the care facility. But you may be responsible for ensuring that other pieces of equipment or supplies are ready at home. Make sure you handle this as soon as possible. You may need to spend some time on the phone with the insurance company to determine what — if any — coverage is provided.


#2 — Prepare the Home Space

Your senior loved one probably wants to return to a home that looks and feels the same as when they left it, but it may be necessary for you to make some adjustments. For example, if a hospital bed is required, you will probably have to make room for it. It’s a good idea to scan the home for tripping hazards and other potential dangers, as well.


#3 — Understand Diet and Medications

In the hospital or rehab facility, meals and medications were administered by trained staff members and medical professionals. At home, you will be in charge, so it’s crucial for you to understand your loved one’s dietary needs as well as their medication requirements. Take time to meet with staff members to discuss requirements, and don’t forget to discuss them with your loved one, as well.


Getting Help with the Transition

Transitioning back home is not easy for seniors who have spent time in the hospital or another facility. Thankfully, Always Best Care of San Diego can help! Our dedicated Home Health Care San Diego team consists of: RNs, Social Workers, and Skilled Therapists are ready to assist you or your loved one in a safe transition home to continue your road to a full, healthy recovery.  In addition, our highly trained and skilled caregivers can lighten your load and ensure that coming home is an occasion for celebration and relief. Call us today at (619) 757-1114 to learn more.




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