Exciting San Diego Activities for Seniors and Their Grandchildren

Studies show that many seniors are prone to depression. This can be caused by a number of factors but the most common reason is lack of socialization. The kids are grown up by now. They have jobs and bills to pay. Most adult children are not able to resign and care for their parents in their old age because of financial responsibilities.

Luckily, your grandchildren can help fill that void. Having more extra time on their hands, they make great mini companions and can help alleviate depression. If you live in the San Diego area and want to spend quality time with your grandchildren, here are some activities that the experts at Always Best Care recommend to their clients.

Sharing Favorites

We all have favorite songs and movies. Bridge the generation gap by sharing these with your grandchildren. They can also return the favor by sharing their favorite movies and songs with you.

Go on a Safari

If you’ve always dreamed of going on an African safari but can’t afford to do so, you will love the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Your grandchild will enjoy seeing exotic animals that he or she has only seen in books and on television. Always Best Care urges seniors to bring their elderly care San Diego CA companion caregiver along to ensure the safety of their clients.

Culinary Lessons

Share your culinary prowess with the little ones. It’s never too early to mold future master chefs. Start with simple recipes like cookies or a casserole. Once your grandchild has become better at this, you can hold a mini cook off in your kitchen. Your senior care San Diego CA caregiver can be the judge and he or she will certainly enjoy sampling all your culinary offerings.

USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway used to be one of our finest fighting vessels. At present, she enjoys her retirement in San Diego and serves as a museum. If your grandchild is interested in your war stories or perhaps plans to join the Navy in the future, there are 60 exhibits that he or she will enjoy, as they mimic life aboard the USS Midway. If you have mobility problems, it would be best to have an assisted living San Diego CA caregiver accompany you on mini field trips like this.

Create a Terrarium

Make your own little world with some seeds, soil and a small container. Cultivate your grandchild’s love for plants. Your young companion will enjoy creating a little desert or rainforest and it will be a great educational tool.

Natural History Museum

Enjoy a fun afternoon at the Natural History Museum. Your grandchild will lose track of time as he or she explores 5 floors of exhibits. The highlight of this educational tour would be the 3-D museum theater, which is reportedly the largest in California.

Reading at Home

Sometimes the best way to bond is by spending quiet, quality time at home. Your grandchildren will treasure memories of you reading to them when they are older. So pick out a book that you both enjoy and let the literary adventure begin.


This Hydra-Terra amphibious vehicle is a popular tourist attraction as it allows people to enjoy tourist attractions on both land and sea. This inexpensive tour provides both kids and adults with the perfect way to enjoy the sea breeze. Please remember to bring enough water for the both of you to prevent dehydration.

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