Better Communication with Seniors in 3 Steps

The senior loved one in your life has experienced quite a ride! Just think about all of the changes you’ve seen and experienced in your life, and then consider that your loved one has seen even greater transformations in their lifetime.

When you consider the vastly different world that your senior loved one was raised in, it’s easy to see how communication issues might crop up from time to time. It’s not always easy to communicate with seniors — generational issues make it difficult, and changes in hearing and speaking supply their own challenges. But if you’re assisting a loved one who requires senior care San Diego, CA, you need to be able to communicate effectively.

Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you communicate well with your senior loved one.

Tip #1 — Practice Patience

Our world moves fast, and so does the way we communicate. But it’s important to remember that your senior loved one operates at a different speed and pace of communication. This is why exhibiting and practicing patience is so important.

Simply sit and relax with your loved one and ease into conversation. Don’t force issues, and don’t worry about the silences that will inevitably occur during your time together. Although they may seem awkward to you, silence is normal in conversation, and expected by your loved one.

Patience takes time to develop, but you can do it! And remember — stay off your phone! Try to notice those times when you get distracted, and gently pull yourself back into the conversation.

Tip #2 — Ask Questions and Avoid Assumptions

Your focus might be on your own life and the lives of your spouse and/or children. But when you’re with your senior loved one, be sure to put the focus on them by asking questions and working to cater to their needs, conversationally and otherwise.

When you find yourself communicating with a senior, ask lots of questions and avoid making assumptions. Give your loved one space to express themselves, and you’ll probably learn some new ideas about how you can give them the care and comfort they need.

Tip #3 — Strive for Clarity and Environmental Awareness

Generational issues can pose big problems when it comes to communication with seniors, but much of the time, conversation is difficult simply because you aren’t speaking with clarity. Also, the setting of the conversation can present issues that stand in the way of a healthy, satisfying interaction.

You can improve your ability to communicate by working on your ability to enunciate properly while making eye contact. Additionally, you should try to engage in conversation when background noises and other distractions aren’t going to get in the way. Sometimes all it takes is to close a door or window, though, so be sure to be aware of your environment!

More Help With Senior Care San Diego, CA
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