5 Ways Music Can Boost a Senior’s Well-Being

The arts can enhance peoples’ lives in ways that few other things can. Going to a museum to gaze at paintings or sculptures can fill the heart and mind with appreciation for human creativity. Attending the theater can provide new perspectives on life. And music provides the soundtrack for peoples’ lives. Music is not only one of the most accessible arts — these days, people have access to their favorite songs from virtually any location at any time — it’s also one of the most transformative, especially for seniors. Whether they simply make time to listen to music, or they engage in the act of making music themselves, seniors can experience some tremendous, life-extending benefits.

For older individuals, being able to connect with others and the world at large is essential to a rich, healthy and happy life. It’s been long known that music helps with this process, but now there is real evidence to back it up.

Here are five of the most amazing benefits music can have on senior lives!


The Power of Music for Seniors — Five Amazing Examples!


in-home care san diegoSongs at the Speed of Life

Music contains many elements to appreciate, but tempo might be one of the most important aspects of it, particularly when moods are involved. When a senior is feeling anxious or irritable, slower songs can help calm breathing and bring peace. On the other hand, when a senior is feeling depressed or fatigued, music with a faster, more upbeat tempo can provide a much-needed energy boost.


Move the Body!

Music has a way of stimulating the body — sometimes you just have to move when a great song comes on! For seniors, this is incredibly important because they need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to engage in healthy physical activity. Music can make it fun!


Alzheimer’s Benefits

Recently, a study was conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine that involved the effects of music on seniors. Researchers found that Alzheimer’s patients who engaged in music therapy sessions experienced increases in brain chemicals responsible for bringing positive feelings to the surface.


Communication Enhancement

Scientists have been studying the effects of music on people for some time now, and one of the most interesting things they’ve found is that music can actually improve speech and cognition. It can even slow the decline of language skills in seniors. And that’s just from listening to it! Playing an instrument or singing can have an even more significant impact.


Social Benefits

Music helps individuals connect with others, whether it’s through discussion of favorite pieces, communal listening sessions, jam sessions or concert attendance, it has a way of bringing people together in a positive fashion.


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