3 Ways Skilled Home Health Can Make A Difference in a Loved One’s Life

When you care for an aging parent or loved one, it can sometimes feel like you’re doing it all by yourself. Your heart tells you that you’re doing the right thing, but your head might be telling you that it’s time to ease the burden you’ve placed on yourself. This is a common feeling these days, as more and more seniors choose to live out their retirement years at home, where they feel safe and comfortable. Thankfully, there are several services available to help people like you who may be struggling with the care of a loved one. Skilled Home Health is one such service, and an increasing number of providers are offering high-quality in home nursing services.

Are you skeptical about the benefits that in home skilled nursing services can provide? Here are three ways San Diego Home Health services can make a difference:


#1 — Physical Therapy

As individuals age, they tend to experience diminished physical abilities. While this is perfectly normal, some people experience greater physical diminishment than others.

Skilled Home Health providers who provide physical therapy services are able to help patients enhance physical health, increase mobility and prevent further decline. They can recommend safe, effective exercises that can be performed in the home, plus they are trained in modalities that are successful for pain management.


#2 — Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is not just helpful for a person’s job or career; it refers to the type of therapy that helps patients engage safely in daily household tasks and other normal activities that “occupy” their time. This type of therapy is especially crucial for seniors and other patients who wish to remain at home for as long as possible.


#3 — Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate is something that a lot of people take for granted. But when it starts to diminish, life can become much more difficult.

When a patient receives skilled speech therapy services from a well-trained, licensed caregiver, they can improve their ability to communicate, listen and express themselves. Skilled Home Health providers also use speech therapy to help patients who may have developed problems swallowing, which is not uncommon among seniors.


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