3 Facts You Need to Know About Respite Care

Caring for an aging loved one can be amazingly rewarding – you get to strengthen your bonds of love while giving back to someone who cared for you and nurtured you along your life’s path. But if you’re the primary family caregiver of an older individual, the demands associated with providing the best care can keep you from living your best life. Even if you only visit your loved one a couple of times each week, you need to keep yourself available to ensure that medications are administered properly and that your loved one stays safe in the home. You’re happy to provide senior care San Diego, but sometimes you wish you could have a break to take a vacation, attend that important work conference or take part in activities that would otherwise keep you from providing care.

However, you’re not quite ready to turn the reins over to a professional caregiver on a regular basis.

So what do you do?

This is where respite care can provide you the relief you need!

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care San Diego describes the type of care that gives you a temporary break from the responsibilities of taking care of a loved one. It’s entirely flexible, too – you can arrange for a compassionate, professional caregiver to be with your loved one for a few hours, a couple of days or even several months. It all depends on your specific needs and the requirements your loved one has for care.

Here are three facts about respite care that can help you determine if it’s the solution to your caregiving needs:

Fact #1 – Respite Care Can Strengthen Family Bonds

Let’s face it – providing care to a loved one in the midst of a busy life and career can cause strain. Respite care allows you to take a break so you can return refreshed and ready to help your loved one thrive.

Fact #2 – Caregivers Have You Covered

Sometimes family caregivers worry about handing over the responsibilities of care to someone else. But skilled, well-trained respite caregivers can do it all: They provide companionship and personal care to a loved one, but they can also help with managing medications, bathing and participating in healthy physical activity.

If you need to take time away, you can rest assured knowing that the caregiver is doing a wonderful job in your absence.

Fact #3 – Respite Care Gives You a Good Glimpse of the Future

As time goes by, your aging loved one will require increasing levels of care, and you may not be able to provide it. In fact, you may need to invest in in home senior care services on a regular basis. With respite care, you can see what that might look like, which can reassure you about the future while preparing your loved one for the transition as they get older and require more assistance with their day-to-day lives.

Want to Learn More about Respite Care?

If you’re wondering if respite care is right for you and your loved one, we invite you to give Always Best Care a call today! Pick up the phone and dial 619-599-8219 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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