Which Exercises Are Safe For Seniors?

When it comes to exercises, many questions arise in seniors’ mind like – Should I be exercising in my age? Am I not too old for it? Is it even safe? What if I fall and injure myself? Why should I workout when I am healthy? Such doubts and questions keep older adults from exercising. In the retirement years, participating in exercise programs becomes a necessity to keep yourself healthy, fit and active for a long time. But, you need to choose a program wisely to avoid injuring yourself or increasing health problems.

So, here are two exercises that are safe for older adults.

Swimming – It is a great workout that provides benefits like improved heart health and muscle strength. Swimming puts much less pressure on the joints, when compared to other exercises. It also helps you get more flexible and active, if you swim regularly.

Strength training – Age related muscle loss can be controlled with strength training. This exercise will help you strengthen tendons and ligaments while increasing muscle elasticity.

But before this, you should check with your doctor and know if workouts won’t cause you any harm. Seniors with health issues like heart diseases, joint problems and high blood pressure should consult with their doctor first. And if you have mobility issue and need help in exercising, then ask your loved ones to provide assistance. You can also hire professional caregivers to provide mobility assistance and help in daily living.

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