Which Aspects Can Affect Your Senior’s Mental Health?

Mental health problems are usually not associated with older adults, especially those 55 or older. However, seniors’ mental health is a serious issue. There are numerous health problems that your senior might be at the risk of developing including depression, dementia and anxiety. But, what could lead your loved one to such diseases?

Here are the aspects that can affect your senior’s mental health

Loneliness – Many seniors live independently, which increases the risk of them getting lonely over time. And if your loved one faces difficulties in transportation and mobility, then this risk increases tenfold. They might not be able to go out more and meet with friends, family. Loneliness and isolation adversely affects one’s mental health. It can lead them to depression and stress.

Physical disability – Many older adults suffer from physical disabilities in their retirement years. Suffering from such problems can make them dependant on others. It can discourage them and make them depressed.

Long-term illness – If your loved one is suffering from a long term illness such as heart problems, then it might have bad effect on their mental health. Long illness and treatment can break their spirit.

Financial issues – Many seniors in America live in poverty, which is another important factor in the development of mental health problems. Financial issues can increase stress in your loved one’s life.

Loss of a loved one – Loss of a loved one, be it a spouse, friendly or a family member, can have long lasting effects on seniors’ mental health.

To overcome aforementioned problems, your loved one will need your care and support. In case you live far away, then hire professional elder care services in Salinas, and surrounding areas in California, so that your loved one has companionship, care and support.

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