What to Look for in a Fitness Tracker for Seniors?

Fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular devices to help people (especially seniors) stay motivated towards their health goals. They help them keep a track of how their body is doing over time and can spot abnormal patterns, if any.

If you’re planning to buy a fitness tracker for a senior loved one, don’t pull out your credit card until you have thoroughly checked each option for these essential features:

Ease of use: A fitness tracker should be simple and easy to access for seniors. It should not require reading a long manual to understand its functions.

Heart rate monitoring: This feature allows to measure and control the intensity of workout, and tells when to relax.

Distance tracking: Any fitness tracker, especially one for seniors must allow tracking the user’s distance covered during a workout. High end fitness bands offer distance tracking over longer periods of times to access the user’s fitness succession.

Calorie tracking: Many fitness bands will track the number of calories burnt to let seniors know the precise outcome of their workouts. Some fitness bands also have calorie intake and weight trackers.

Display size: Display size should be bigger as it provides easy navigation. The user should not struggle to read important details on the screen.

Adjustable: Bands often have slats or another mechanism for adjusting comfortably to the wrist.

Water resistant: A good fitness tracker is waterproof and avoids damage caused by sweat and splashes of water.

Battery life: Some fitness trackers are more energy-efficient than others and can be used for a longer time without charging or replacing the batteries.

Gift your senior loved one a senior-friendly fitness tracker with all the above mentioned features.

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