What Are The Healthy Eating Myths?

Healthy eating – when most seniors hear this term, they usually make a (not so pretty) picture in their mind that puts them off it. Numerous myths surround the term and affect seniors’ decision to opting for a healthy diet.

Here are some of the healthy eating myths that many seniors believe.

It is for those with diseases – Many believe that healthy eating is only for those, who are suffering from a disease. Seniors suffering from diseases like heart conditions, and diabetes have to keep watch their diet. However, healthy eating is not just for them. Regardless of your age or health, you need to eat wisely. Older adults need fewer calories, but lots of nutrients. So, if you believe that you don’t have to eat healthy, just because you have no medical condition, then think twice.

It means eating green – Eating healthy does not mean that all you have to eat is green. Seniors can enjoy a large variety in healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, nuts and several types of meats. It will not only keep you healthy, but also provide diversity in diet.

I will have to give up my favorite dishes – Many seniors believe that they will have to give up many of their favorite dishes if they opt for healthy eating. It is, however, not true. If you perfectly balance nutrition levels, then you can certainly enjoy your favorite dishes.

Therefore, managing a healthy diet is not difficult, if you stay away from myths. However, if you need help in meal management (due to aging, diseases or mobility issues), then you can hire a senior care provider in Monterey County for your help.

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