What are the Common Feet Problems that Come with Aging?

Aging causes changes in the body, leading to various health problems. Foot pain or disorders are the common problems that older adults face in their retirement years. Changes like stiffness in ankles and joints, loss of padding under the heel and the ball of foot occur with aging. In addition, years of use, along with normal daily wear and tear of joints may result in various problems, some of which are mentioned below.

Bunions – This problem occurs when an individual has a bony growth or misaligned bone at the base of the big toe. It could be on the small toe too. It can cause the big toe to bend abnormally toward the small toes. It can be quite painful.

Hammertoes – In this painful condition, toe joints begin to curl up or under, which can result in a permanently dislocated joint.

Toenail problems – Many older adults suffer from ingrown, thickened, or discolored toenails. This problem occurs when seniors are no longer able to care for their toenails as they once did.

Heel pain – Some seniors suffer from heel pain, which originates at the back of the arch from heel spurs or from plantar fasciitis.

Aforementioned feet problems can render older adults unable to walk properly. It can lead to mobility issues, or they might need help with mobility. In case, you can’t provide regular mobility assistance and care to your aging loved one, hire caregivers, who can.

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