Ways to Improve your aging parent’s Bone Health

Studies show that over 200 million people across the globe suffer from osteoporosis. It is a type of disease that makes the bone weak, brittle, and prone to break. Moreover, bone density decreases with age that affects not only the strength but also the body flexibility and balance. So, how can you help your senior family member improve the overall bone health? Here are some ways that can help.

Exercise – Regular exercise is important for seniors for an overall good health. So, you must encourage your loved ones to exercise daily to boost the bone health and stay safe from osteoporosis. You can make them join a senior fitness club or an exercise program where they will get a chance to exercise in the company of people of same age and interest.

Healthy eating habits – Apart from regular physical activity, it is important for seniors to follow healthy eating habits to stay fit and active, both physically as well as mentally. Provide them enough fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, and foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. You can create a diet plan and ensure that your senior family member follows it religiously.

Take supplements – Calcium and Vitamin D is very important for strong ones. So, you can also provide your loved one supplements of all these to help them improve the bone health. However, make sure to always check in with the doctor before giving any supplement as some can have a negative impact on their health.

Avoid salty foods and caffeinated beverages – Always encourage your aging loved one to limit the intake of salty food and caffeinated beverages as they will only prevent the body from absorbing calcium.

Bone density scan – Make sure your aging parent gets regular bone density scan to stay up to date with their bone health.

However, if you have to time to assist your loved one with all the aforementioned tasks, you can consider hiring an experienced care provider. An in-home caregiver will look after your senior family member’s safety, encourage them to exercise daily, and also keep a check on their eating habits. In addition, they will also accompany seniors to regular doctor’s appointments.

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