Surprise your Elderly Loved One with the Best Birthday Celebration!

Seniors usually suffer from loneliness and don’t celebrate even the special events in their life. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to remind them how much you appreciate and care about them. So if the birthday of your senior loved one is around the corner, make sure you make it special for them.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate their birthday:

Birthday wish

Start the day with a lovely wish along with a birthday card and some flowers. This will surely make them happy and excited.


Everyone loves getting gifts. So continue to keep that happy feeling going all through the day. You can give a birthday present after every hour or depending upon the situation, saving the biggest and the best gift for last. It will surely become the wonderful and the most memorable memory for them.

Balloon avalanche

Surprise your senior loved ones with an avalanche of balloons. Decorate the house with balloons when they are sleeping and show them when all is done.

Surprise birthday party

Plan a surprise birthday party for them by inviting all their close friends and loved ones. Make it a theme party to add more fun. If you have access to any media, like old family videos or film reels, create a custom video that you can show to all the guests.

Entertainment and games

To make the event more fun, arrange for some activities and games to keep the guests entertained. Keep activities related to the theme you chose. Play your senior loved one’s favorite music to make them happier.

Make the party more special

When you invite guests, ask them to bring a written memory with your senior loved one. You can put together a scrapbook of memories at a later date. If time allows, read aloud some of the memories during the party.

Make time to celebrate your senior loved one’s birthday every year to make them feel special. The important thing is not the food you serve or what you do, but that you’ve taken the time to make the day special for them.

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