Legal Aspects You Shouldn’t Overlook When Choosing Assisted Living

Are you looking for Assisted Living for your senior in Monterey County? When it comes to assisted living communities, several choices are available for older adults. But the process of finding the perfect community for your aging loved one can be overwhelming. The search itself, and then the process of analyzing a community can be a difficult task, which increases the possibilities of you overlooking important things.

However, following are the legal aspects that you shouldn’t overlook, when choosing an Assisted Living community.

Insurance and liability – You should pay attention to the littlest details in contract related to insurance and liability. Many communities require residents to maintain their own insurance, when it comes to the protection of personal property. Communities may also try to disclaim all liability. For this aspect, you can talk to their representative or authority there, and try to negotiate. Don’t forget to read the parts of contract, where rules about their liability, negligence etc., are written.

Costs – Make sure to check if there are any hidden costs. Check to ensure there is no provision stating that you will have to bear all costs and fees, which may include attorney’s fees to enforce the agreement. And if there is such a provision, then try to get it removed. Remember that attorney’s fees can be quite costly, and you shouldn’t have to bear that cost.

Arbitration – There might be an arbitration clause in the contract. Read it carefully, and make sure that arbitration location is near your home.

Consider all these legal aspects before making a decision on Assisted Living. It will help you make the right decision.

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