How to Help an Older Adult with Vision Problem?

As people grow old, it is common for them to experience problems with their eyesight. Moreover, age-related conditions like diabetic retinopathy or cataract can make things worse. As seniors lose their vision, they may isolate themselves and become dependent on others even for the basic daily living activities. But, how can you help your aging loved one with a vision problem? Here is the answer.

  • Make sure that there is an adequate lighting system in every room of the house. Poor lighting can cause slips, trips, and falls that can result in various fatal as well as non-fatal injuries among the older adults.
  • Replace the old bulbs with new and bright lights. Areas such as stairs, balconies, hallways, and entrances should be well illuminated.
  • Seniors with vision problems are at a greater risk of suffering from slips and falls. So, to ensure their safety, install proper grab bars in the bathrooms. In addition, stairways should have a good quality railing to help senior climb up and down easily and safely.
  • Keep a regular check on your loved one’s eating habits. It is important for seniors to eat a healthy and nutritious diet to maintain a good eye health. Provide them enough fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables to eat.
  • Make sure to get regular checkups from a specialist to stay updated with your senior family member’s eye health. The doctor may prescribe certain medicines and eye drops. So, you need to make sure that they take all the medicines regularly.

As mentioned above, seniors with vision problem may find it difficult to carry out their daily living activities with ease. So, if they live alone or you have no time to look after their needs and safety due to other household responsibilities, consider hiring a professional help in the form of caregivers.

An experienced in-home care provider will ensure your aging parent’s safety and also assist them with the daily living tasks. Moreover, they will also arrange and accompany seniors for regular checkups with an eye specialist.

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