How to ensure that the Senior with Alzheimer’s is Having Proper Meals?

Senior people with Alzheimer’s often experience a number of problems. This may include behavior issues, sleeping problems or change in the eating habits, which is quite stressful. Taking care of seniors with Alzheimer’s is a challenging task, especially if you have no knowledge about the illness. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire an in-home caregiver who has experience in taking care of seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Ensuring that the senior with Alzheimer’s or Dementia have proper and regular meals can be a challenging task for a caregiver. Here are some tips that can help you to take care of your senior’s diet and eating problems.

  • Some medicines often cause a dry mouth. So, make sure to include a liquid diet to your loved one’s meal to avoid any such problem. However, it is always a good idea to discuss any kind of eating problems with a doctor and see if any medicine needs to be changed.
  • You can always plan to make the mealtime pleasing and soothing for your loved one. Add flowers to the dining table, play a slow music, and avoid any kind of distraction in the eating area. In addition, make sure that the food you serve to your loved one is neither too hot nor too old.
  • Chewing or swallowing the food can be a problem for an Alzheimer’s senior. You can give instructions and monitor their chewing. Apart from this, you can begin a liquid diet if the seniors are not able to swallow the solid food anymore.

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