How To Ease Your Senior’s Fears About Assisted Living?

Assisted Living – Is this word sparks fear in your senior? Understandably, older adults want to avoid an option that influences their wish to age in place. However, if they cannot live independently anymore, then Assisted Living is surely a good option for them. But you have to ease their fears first.

Here is a list of what most seniors fear about Assisted Living communities, and how you can ease them.

It will take away my independence – Many fear that moving to a community means giving up their independence. But it’s not true because residents get to choose their living arrangements, and if they want, they can choose rooms with kitchenettes to live as independently, as they lived at home.

I will never see my friends or family again – It is an irrational fear, but many seniors have it. You will have to assure them that it is not the last time they are seeing their family and they are not going too far away. Give them assurance that you will stay in contact and visit them often.

It will be so boring – Now, seniors may believe that will be bored at Assisted Living community. But you can assure them that they can enjoy a variety of activities there like reading, socializing, and participating in games.

They don’t know anyone there – It is a genuine fear, but you should help your loved one get over it. Take them to visit the community before their transition and let them get familiar with the setting, staff and other residents. It will ease their worries.

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