Behavior Changes You Should Expect in A Senior with Dementia

Is your senior suffering from dementia? Can you see the changes in their behavior? Families of dementia or Alzheimer’s patients should expect such changes, as the disease affects patients’ cognitive abilities. And as the condition progresses, the chances of patients acting aggressively increases too. Here are the top behavior changes that you should expect in elders with dementia.

Aggression – Many seniors get aggressive due to dementia and Alzheimer’s. They may get verbally aggressive with screaming, swearing and making threats. Some may even get physically aggressive – biting, hitting and scratching. Many seniors get aggressive when they can’t remember something and don’t trust others. Being in pain or unfamiliar places may also cause them to lash out. You should expect such behavior and be prepared for it.

Restlessness – Dementia patient may also feel restless, usually because they forgot something. Surrounding environment and their health also influence their behavior. Your loved one may not be able to express what is causing restlessness and they may feel frustrated.

Disorientation – Many seniors suffering from dementia find it difficult to navigate their surroundings, which can lead to confusion and distress. And, when your loved one is distressed, it can cause sudden changes in their behavior.

Coping with dementia can be difficult for both seniors and their families. As the disease progresses, the situations will get worse. In this situation, it is advised to hire professional dementia care providers from a noted firm in Carmel Valley or surrounding areas. These professionals have experience in taking care of Alzheimer’s/dementia patients.

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