Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Even in California, winter can get a little cold and dangerous. Anything from some ice on the roads to colder temperatures at nights can make it dangerous for any seniors out there. And that’s why it’s important for you to know all of the safety tips you can while winter is here. If you’re a senior and receiving in-home care in San Mateo CA, read on to learn all of the top safety and health tips for this winter.

  • Get some exercise in: When you think about exercising, you don’t really think about safety. It’s more about health and wellness right? Well, when you get enough exercise in, you’ll be protecting your body from any broken bones or sprains from falls. Exercising keeps your joints and muscles ready to protect you, so be sure to get enough exercise in, while you’re stuck at home in the winter.
  • Get your car checked out: If you absolutely have to head outside in your car this winter, you should get it serviced & checked out to make sure it’s safe to drive on the roads. See if a family member will drive you to Tango’s Auto Repair Center to get your old car serviced.
  • Call up on your friends and family: When it comes to winter time, it’s pretty much the best time to check up on your friends and family who you might not chat with as much during the year. And this is super important for your mental health and wellness, so you can keep up with the important social connections in your life.
  • Keep seasonal depression at bay: When you’re stuck inside for long periods of time because of the winter weather, it’s easy to slip into something called seasonal or winter depression. If you find yourself extra depressed or sluggish during the day, try out some new hobbies to keep that positivity up and keep your hands busy. Clock Tower Music might have some good instruments for you to pick up if you want to learn a new one as a hobby!
  • Stock up on emergency supplies: You never know when emergency is going to strike during the winter time. That’s why it’s crucial for seniors to stock up on plenty of emergency supplies like blankets, candles, extra food, and bottled water to be prepared for any eventuality.
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