Tips for Choosing a Licensed Caregiver

If you live near San Mateo and enjoy the year round warm temperatures, you likely want your loved ones to stay close by for the same reasons. Consider the in-home care San Mateo has to offer through companies like Always Best Care, and freelance options.  Here are some tips to help you choose a licensed caregiver for your senior loved one and reasons why you want a licensed company over a freelance worker.

-Assess Needs

The first thing you need to do is assess the type of care your loved one needs. Do they need health care, help with household chores, cooking, hygiene or other items? Make a list of the things you would like a caregiver to help with. This will help you assess whether you need a medical or non-medical type of care or perhaps a little of each. Keep in mind that freelance workers may not be able to cover every need, whereas a company often can.

-Write up a Description

If you were to hand pick the kind of elderly care San Mateo offered to you, what would the job look like? Write up a description of the type of person you want to help your loved one. You can decide on the level of training, years of experience and other requirements. You may not get everything you want if you hire a freelance caregiver. But once you have an idea what type of person you want to find, it is easy for Always Best Care to match you with the right caregiver. Make sure to include outings to San Mateo’s Central Park to enjoy the Japanese Tea Garden and other local places your loved one likes to visit.

-Ask for a Consultation or Interview

You do not want to stick your loved one with someone they are not comfortable having around. Ask the caregiver to come over and “interview” with both you and your loved one. You can get an idea how the person in question will treat the senior and how he or she will approach certain situations and tasks. If you speak with a freelance caregiver and are not comfortable, you have to start all over. Companies will have other caregivers to send to you until you find one that is a perfect fit.

When it comes to senior care San Mateo has plenty to offer. There are a lot of freelance caregivers available, but working with a licensed company like Always Best Care is in your best interest and in the best interest of your senior loved one. You can work side by side with the caregiver you choose to meet all of your loved one’s needs. Adjustments are always possible and encouraged. To find out more about in-home care from Always Best Care, call our San Mateo office for resources and information at (650) 634-8270.

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