The Importance of Dental Hygiene in the Later Years

In the past, tooth loss was an accepted part of aging, but recently, more seniors are retaining their own teeth. This new trend can be attributed to advances in dental care and the availability of quality oral hygiene products. Another factor lies in an increasing awareness of the impact dental health has on overall health. That is why, when choosing senior care South San Francisco CA families are looking for an agency like Always Best Care that will acknowledge and address oral care for their clients. They recognize the close connection between dental and general health.

Heart Health

The idea that a healthy mouth protects a healthy heart has been garnering public attention in recent years. Research has shown that the excessive bacteria from gum disease travels to other areas in the body, particularly to the tissue of the heart. Gum disease also produces a type of protein that promotes hardening of the arteries.


The discomfort of excessive tooth decay and advanced gum disease can make eating unpleasant. Couple painful chewing with the fact that our capacity for taste diminishes in later years, and regular and healthy eating can become a low priority, resulting in possible malnutrition and dehydration. These two conditions can negatively impact a number of vital organs and systems, including the heart, the kidneys, the muscular system, and more.

Other Affected Systems

While high blood sugar increases susceptibility to tooth decay, recent research hints that tooth decay and gum disease may actually influence blood sugar levels. The bacteria from an oral infection can also pose a risk to respiratory health. Finally, emotional health and self-esteem can be influenced by the appearance of an individual’s teeth.

For help with oral health maintenance through in-home care South San Francisco CA seniors can rely on Always Best Care. Our caregivers make sure all of your loved ones’ dental needs get the necessary attention. They check that they are receiving adequate nutrition, their teeth are being thoroughly brushed at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing happens every day, that toothbrushes are replaced when they become old and frayed, and that essential checkups are scheduled and kept.

Poor dental health impacts the heart and many other organs and systems in the body. Fortunately, poor dental health is not inevitable with old age. For an agency that includes dental needs as a regular part of elderly care South San Francisco CA community members are recognizing Always Best Care as the top choice. Thisagency, led by Allan and Angela Encarncion, will help you explore the many advantages they can provide for your loved one. Contact them for a free consultation at (650) 634- 8270 or [email protected].

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