Seven Tips for Vacationing with Elderly Parents

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A fun vacation can create fond, everlasting memories for the entire family. Say, cheese!

Adult children are putting a refreshing new twist on family vacations. Now, adult children are including their elderly parents in their vacation plans. This requires special planning, but the happiness it gives to aging parents makes it worth the effort. When it comes to planning a family vacation and other issues related to senior care South San Francisco CA residents find that Always Best Care places a high priority on the happiness and well being of seniors. The following seven tips will help you make your next family vacation the best it can be.



1. Addressing Mobility Needs

If your parents rely upon a walker, wheelchair, cane, or other equipment to remain mobile, it is important to make certain they have this equipment while away from their home in South San Francisco.

2. Special Needs Accommodations

While planning your vacation be certain that the hotel and places of interest offer accommodations for special needs. Handrails in the bathrooms and wheelchair accessible areas will add to the safety and comfort of your parents.

3. Including Parents in the Planning

It is exciting for seniors to be able to get away from South San Francisco CA for a special family vacation. What makes it even more exciting for them is to be included into the planning process and being notified of any changes.

4. Diet and Medication Needs

Before leaving it is vital for you to become familiar with any medications your parents take. You should also make sure that you know about any dietary needs that need to be planned for.

5. Payment Arrangements

One thing that should be done during the planning process is to establish who is going to pay for what. Money can cause problems, so if everyone knows what they need to pay for during the vacation a lot of confusion can be avoided.

6. Checking Luggage

To ensure that packing is a breeze, make certain that your parents have adequate luggage and that it is the right size.

7. Vacation Clothes

An important part of planning is to make sure that your parents have the right clothes to wear for each day. By packing a few days in advance they can have the chance to shop for anything they may happen to need.

For Higher Standards in elderly care South San Francisco CA residents can rely on ABC

When looking for high quality in-home care South San Francisco CA adult children can trust Always Best Care to provide caring services for their parents. If in need of assisted living South San Francisco CA residents can also rely on ABC to assist with a referral to a reputable facility. For more information on senior care or assisted living contact ABC’s Care Coordinators Allan or Angela Encarnacion at (650) 634-8270 or email at [email protected].

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