Normal Age Related Memory Loss vs. Alzheimer’s

San Mateo is one of the trendiest communities in the Silicon Valley, and is home to hundreds of tech firms, startups and aspiring engineers. Just outside of San Francisco, San Mateo has a temperate climate, world class educational facilities and hospitals. The County of San Mateo Medical Center is the city’s largest employer, and is one of the top rated hospitals in the nation. With easy access to both Oakland and San Francisco’s airports, getting to and from San Mateo is a breeze.

Active Seniors in San Mateo

The Bay Area is a magnet for active seniors who enjoy the year-round mild climate and access to cultural and educational activities. There are several elderly care San Mateo CA residences in the area that are geared toward independent living, and seniors are finding it easier to enjoy active social lives in their communities. Studies have shown that social contact can lessen the impact of diseases like Alzheimer’s, making San Mateo a healthy choice for seniors looking to enrich their lives.

Supporting Active and Independent Seniors

One of the most important elements of supporting an active senior is to be aware of the health issues that affect their lives and to have a solid plan in place to assist them with these issues. Always Best Care is one of the few senior care San Mateo CA agencies that take an intense interest in education about memory loss and Alzheimer’s. We then pass this information along to families to keep you in the loop about your loved one’s care. We are one of the top agencies for assisted living San Mateo CA.

Alzheimer’s or Normal Age-Related Memory Loss?

While some loss of cognitive function is normal in aging seniors, memory loss that affects daily living can be a sign of a greater problem. Some of the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s include disorientation as to time and place, making frequent errors and forgetting information that was previously routine. Some seniors will get lost while driving familiar routes, for example.

The key to helping a loved one who may be developing this disease is to hire a senior care San Mateo aide who will provide assistance and companionship. Always Best Care provides top-notch in-home care San Mateo CA seniors can rely on, and gives you the security of knowing your loved one can live independently.

If you are looking for in-home care San Mateo CA, call Allan & Angela Encarnacion at Always Best Care at 650-634-8270 today.


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