Increasing the Quality of your Golden Years through Music

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Enjoying music has a plethora of benefits, especially for seniors.

Many people worry about losing their quality of life as they transition to the next phase of their lives. Through a comprehensive approach, elderly care South San Francisco CA works to ensure every client experiences as full and enjoyable a life as circumstances allow. This means providing the exemplary senior care Always Best Care is known for, as well as helping clients maintain the facets of life that made their existence rich and rewarding. Music, for example, plays a huge role in our society. As a person ages, it should not be something that is allowed to slip away. Instead, it should be embraced and utilized, as its beneficial effect on the elderly cannot be over emphasized.


Isolation can be detrimental to senior health. Maintaining an active social life and ongoing interactions with others helps keep the mind sharp. Shared likes and dislikes in music within a generation provide fodder for active and stimulating conversations. In addition, participating in music focused activities, whether the appreciation of, or the creation of, keeps a mind animated and gives a valuable sense of belonging.


Data from repeated studies supports the idea that involvement with music heightens cognitive ability. There is evidence that a mind exposed to music processes information more adeptly. In addition, learning to play an instrument can slow cognitive decline in dementia patients. Finding senior care South San Francisco CA services that understand this and allow it to guide their practice can be invaluable.

Emotional Health

Everyone has songs that spark a memory of in his or her life. Allowing a person to listen to his/her song allows a connection with a bright spot in the past and can do wonders for someone dealing with depression. As a matter of fact, the mood and tempo of a song can provide a great emotional balance when it is needed- soothing during anxious times, uplifting during times of sadness, and energizing when there may be little energy for the task at hand.


Sometimes a patient, particularly one struggling with dementia, may be uncommunicative. Music has proven to be a positive catalyst that brings a reticent speaker around to conversation. What’s more, music itself can be a surprisingly effective form of communication, expressing moods, wants, and needs through catch phrases from favorite songs.


It is important that your in-home care South San Francisco CA caregiver helps maintain a healthy level of physical activity. Music can motivate the reluctant exerciser. Its tempo can be adjusted to accommodate capabilities and the duration can be tailored to align with the stamina of the individual.

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