How Senior Caregivers Can Help Manage Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s and dementia are two health concerns that elderly individuals face. Early detection of these two cognitive issues can play a vital role in preventative maintenance and medical treatment. By detecting early Alzheimer’s warning signs, individuals can seek immediate treatment that can help them to manage as well as delay symptoms. Always Best Care is a reputable provider of senior care South San Francisco CA residents can rely on for help with managing elderly cognitive issues.

Always Best Care’s caregivers are familiar with the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease and can assist with detection and finding treatment. Some of the most common warning signs are memory loss, changes in daily routines, forgetting the current date and time, visual disorientation, and forgetting who friends and loved ones are. Other common signs are forgetting names, misplacing things on a regular basis, and having problems making sound decisions. When Always Best Care caregivers are providing elderly care South San Francisco CA families can relax knowing that their loved ones are in good hands because a care giver understands the individual needs and can help with the treatment activities that are often recommended by a physician.

Typically, a physician will recommend participating in activities that can help strengthen cognitive functions. Reminiscing about memories, playing certain games, socializing or visiting museums or art galleries, participating in activities that involve creativity, gardening, and other similar activities can go a long way towards managing symptoms. Of course San Francisco is loaded with activities such as dance classes, exercise programs, and other activities that are specifically structured for seniors so it’s easy to find exciting things to do. For the most part seniors react well to cognitive stimulation activities and often don’t even realize that they are participating in them. When based upon a senior’s personality and desires, these activities can actually be rather fun for them.

By providing a loved one with skilled in-home care South San Francisco CA families are helping to ensure that their loved one remains independent for as long as possible. There may come a time that an individual with Alzheimer’s might need to receive a higher level of care than what can be managed in the home. For some people this may mean moving into an assisted living facility where they can receive around the clock assistance when needed.

When in need of recommendations for senior care South San Francisco CA residents can always count on Always Best Care to recommend the very best. Find out more about how our caring staff can assist with in-home care or help with finding assisted living facilities by contacting our office today at (650) 634-8270 or email [email protected]

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