Helping Your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning

Spring time is here! This is the time of the year that all people, including your elderly loved ones, can declutter their homes. It’s often the case that people will use spring as a time to say, “Out with the old and in with the new.” However, it can be pretty tough to get rid of all those knick-knacks that might have a lot of sentimental value.

When you are helping out your senior with his or her spring cleaning, make sure to keep the tips we’ve listed below in mind. If he or she is receiving elderly care in San Mateo, make sure to keep their Caregiver involved in these conversations, too. Spring cleaning can easily be made into a family-and-friend affair that’s more fun than a chore!

Have an Organized Plan

Before you and your loved one start off on this spring cleaning journey, make sure there is a clear plan in place for how it is going to happen. Without a plan, spring cleaning could easily get disorganized and confusing. Ensure that there is a clear understanding of what rooms of the house are going to be cleaned, where things are going to be thrown away or stored, and who’s going to be in charge of certain chores.

Figure Out What to Pass Down

The fact of the matter is that there will be a lot of extra items in your senior’s house that he or she won’t want to throw away, but won’t want to keep at home anymore either. What can you do with these items? A good idea is to make a pile of items that are to be passed down to family members and friends. These can be labeled with the names of whoever should inherit these items and then sent away once spring cleaning is finished.

Remove All Safety Hazards

During your spring cleaning day or weekend, there will probably be some safety hazards discovered that you may not have noticed before. Make sure that all of these safety hazards are dealt with properly in order for your senior to be safe and healthy when moving around at home.

Buy New Furniture and Decorations

There will more than like be some old pieces of furniture and decorations that are retired during spring cleaning. You should consider replacing these with new pieces to fill up the empty space after you’re finished cleaning. This will also make your loved one’s home feel fresh and new.

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