Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Feel More Included

Imagine how many people are suffering from dementia every year around the world. Well, if you’re like most people then you wouldn’t have even came close to the real number of 47 million people. That’s right, there are 47 million people around the world who suffer from this horrible condition. And those millions of people add up to around $818 billion of medical costs. If your senior who’s receiving elderly care in San Mateo is part of these numbers, then it’s crucial you learn how to fight off the worst effects of dementia with them. And one of those effects is the feeling of exclusion and loneliness they may face.

Many times, seniors who are dealing with dementia report feeling cut off from the outside world. This is especially true when they are stuck inside and not able to leave the house on their own. One way to remedy this and help them feel more included is to read through the news with them. This is a great way to clue them into what’s happening around them and even how they can play a larger part in the community.

If your senior can get out of the house, you should bring them along with you when you’re running errands. This can be anything from going to the grocery store to picking up the laundry. This might not seem exciting to you, but your senior is going to be grateful for the time spent with you and the time they spend outside of the house.

When you head outside with your senior, why not take them along to an exercise class with you? Going to a class where they can practice yoga or some other soft-impact kind of exercise is a great way to get your senior involved with others and out of the house. Plus, many seniors swear by the positive impacts that yoga brings them.

Every senior who has dementia just wants to speak to other people about how they’re feeling. However, many don’t feel like they have anyone to confine in. That’s why you should assure your senior that they are not alone in this and that you are there for them whenever they should need help or just someone to speak with.

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