Ears Attuned to Enjoying Life in San Mateo

Prosperous San Mateo, on the edge of the Bay in South San Francisco, is well known as a place where retired people enjoy living — in fact, over 50s are, by far, the fastest-growing sector of the population, reflecting the city’s commitment to establishing itself as an “aging friendly” community. Among the retirees who benefit from the excellent range of programs and services available, there may be some who hold back from being fully involved, because they worry that hearing loss may prevent them from taking part. In fact, there is no reason why anyone should be prevented from getting involved, and with the availability of excellent senior care South San Francisco CA can be a place where all seniors, with or without hearing loss, can enjoy life to the fullest.

Hard to Notice

Because changes take place in the inner and middle ear as we grow older, age-related hearing loss will affect most adults to a greater or lesser degree. However, as it can be very slow and gradual, the person affected may not realize it is happening, and may simply make small changes to adapt to reduced hearing ability. It may, in fact, be other people who notice it first.

So, if you are helping to care for an older relative, you may notice that he or she turns up the volume of the TV or radio, or increasingly asks people to repeat what they have said, along with standing closer to someone speaking and often complaining that everyone mumbles, and unconsciously starts to speak more loudly. You may also find that your relative avoids social interaction, and stays silent in social gatherings. With the provision of in-home care South San Francisco CA seniors have extra support in spotting the signs of reduced hearing.

Plenty of Help

You may well worry at first that the avoidance of social situations may be a sign of depression, or perhaps of the onset of dementia, so it may even be a relief to realize that the issue is hearing loss. There is plenty of help available, but the problem is that, for understandable reasons, seniors are often too proud to admit they are not hearing so well, and extremely reluctant to wear a hearing aid. However, with the help of providers of elderly care South San Francisco CA families can benefit from support in having these conversations, and convincing the person affected of the big difference a hearing aid can make.


Listen up, South San Francisco Seniors

It’s important for older people to maintain relationships, and to be out and about enjoying life, and there’s no reason why hearing loss should stop them. With its excellent standards of assisted living South San Francisco CA is a place where all seniors can benefit from the excellent programs the city provides, and Always Best Care is way out in front. To find out more, contact Allan and Angela Encarnacion on (650) 634-8270, or email [email protected]

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