Combatting Spring Allergies

So many people around the world suffer from allergies when springtime comes around. It’s just a fact of life that pollen and other allergens can have nasty effects on our breathing and overall health and wellness. If you are one of these people, you should take the first steps to understanding your allergies and how you can deal with them.

That’s where we come in to help! If your senior is working with a Caregiver and receiving elderly care in San Mateo, then you can implement the following tips into his or her life as soon as possible. This will really help out your loved one whenever the spring sun comes out and that pollen comes out to play.

Keep Up with Local Pollen Conditions

There are plenty of easy ways to track pollen conditions in your area of the U.S., either online or through an app on your smartphone. This is the first step in being prepared whenever you or your senior sets foot outside. The intensity of the pollen levels outside is going to have a big impact on how comfortable your loved one is on his or her daily walk.

Get an Air Purifier

It’s not just the outside air that seniors have to worry about. If they keep their windows open or don’t have a high-quality air filtering system, then those allergens can easily find their way inside the house. Make sure that your senior has an air purifier system to ensure that the air he or she breathes every day is safe.

Invest in New Furniture

If your senior hasn’t switched out the furniture in a long time, it could be time to do that in order to help cope with allergies. Older cloth furniture is especially easy for dust particles and other allergens to cling to in the spring. When anyone sits down on these pieces of furniture, that dust is going to stir up, triggering your senior’s allergies.

Dry Clothes in a Dryer

Instead of your senior drying clothes on a clothesline during the springtime, it’s a better idea to dry them inside using a clothes dryer. That way, there’s no chance that pollen or other allergens will be able to stick onto their clothes and make their way back into the house.

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