Senior Care in Daly

Just South of San Francisco, Daly City offers a temperate climate, a deep and rich history, and a wide range of cultural experiences for its citizens. Citizens who have made a life here do not want to, and should not have to, give up the lifestyle and existence that they have taken a lifetime to build. When they reach a stage at which their ability to live independently comes into question, the best answer is not always to move them into a facility where their reality is reduced to a small apartment, or worse, a small shared room. Always Best Care provides an alternative solution – senior care in Daly City, CA. Through ABC, individuals can remain where treasured memories were made with the care they need.

Always Best Care of Daly City takes the well-being of its clients seriously and demands a perfect balance of professionalism and compassion of its workers. Each caregiver is subjected to a thorough background check, is bonded, insured, and receives ongoing training to ensure that they are providing the best care.

Our caregivers provide a wide range of care, with services that take into account that everyone needs social interaction. They help maintain and adhere to a calendar of social events, or simply take the time to enjoy a crafting project with a client. These caregivers can help maintain a pleasant home environment by completing household duties, like cleaning and meal preparation. They can help with organization, assuring medications are taken when needed and that appointments are kept. They can also provide more in depth services like physical therapy or post-surgical care. Depending on the need, care can be provided daily, hourly, or even on a live-in basis. ABC Daly City recognizes how essential it is to match the needs of the client to the services provided. What’s more, family connections are given the respect they deserve, and family members are encouraged to be an active part of their loved one’s life and care.

We also provide compassionate services for seniors with dementia. Different forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, requires special attention, and Always Best Care can provide that attention for seniors. With help from the Alzheimer’s Association and the Department of Health, caregivers are provided with specialized training that allows them to provide the specific care needed. For example, they pay special attention to daily routine and recognize the importance of familiarity.

Contact us and allow our qualified professionals to work with you to design the perfect care plan for your loved one. If needed, we can help educate and give you the knowledge to make an informed decision. In addition, we can help wade through the confusing mire of finances and insurance. Allow us to help you give your loved one the comfort and home care in Daly City, CA they need and deserve.