5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors-San Mateo CA

Everyone loves music.

It can be relaxing, uplifting, soothing, and simply enjoyable. What most are unaware of, however, is that music has been repeatedly studied over the years, and has been found to provide many benefits to the mental and emotional health of seniors. Music has also been found to increase “feel-good” brain chemicals in Alzheimer and Dementia patients.
Always Best Care, a provider of elderly care in San Mateo CA, help seniors reap the many benefits music has to offer by simply turning on the radio and allowing music to play several times throughout the day. Dancing, moving, remembering; music can do wonders for the mind and body.

Promotes Social Interactions

Music can bring people together. When enjoyed in a group, new friendships and connections can be made. Singing along and dancing together will boost seniors’ social interactions, while the simple act of listening to music will improve a senior’s capacity to communicate.

Boosts Positive Thinking

Listening to upbeat and uplifting tunes puts listeners in a positive mind frame. Using headphones while walking or moving can have added effects and increase happiness. Happy music also shrinks negative thinking, further enforcing an improved outlook on life.

Rekindles Happy Memories

Music can bring many emotions and thoughts to the surface. The human mind has ways of connecting certain songs to different periods of one’s life. Therefore, even when these songs are listened to years or decades later, the memories still come flooding back. Loved artists and tracks from a senior’s past can bring back wonderful memories that had been forgotten, and stimulate the mind.

Lowers Stress Levels

Different types of music work for different types of people. For seniors with evident anxiousness and increased stress levels, slow, relaxing music works best. Upbeat music with a faster tempo can spur movement in seniors feeling a little down and tired.
Through trial and error, and constant attention, the perfect music can always be found for seniors’ current mood.

Urges Movement

A quick song with a good beat can inspire dancing, especially when one knows the song and can relate to the lyrics. Other physical activities, like walking and physical exercise, also become far more enjoyable when music is present. The right tunes can even motivate seniors and make them try that little bit harder during exercise.

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