5 Day Trip Ideas for Seniors

Just like everyone else, seniors love to travel, and get out and about.
Staying home for long periods of time can have negative effects on seniors’ emotional health. Travelling abroad may be difficult due to age, energy levels and health complications, but that doesn’t mean that seniors won’t relish the chance to get out and spend the day in the city they grew up in.
Always Best Care, a provider of in-home care in San Mateo CA, recommends the following trip ideas for seniors:

A Day In The Park

There’s nothing like a nice walk in the park to lifts one’s spirits.
San Mateo CA features numerous beautiful trails and parks to choose from. Laurelwood Park is a small park, for seniors who don’t want to walk too much and Foster City is a great planned community, which offers many different trails. Fresh air and endless green is all you need sometimes!

Filoli Gardens

These gardens are the perfect combination of nature and history, as the beautiful estate and gardens are a national monument. The gardens are also known as one of the best private botanical gardens in the United States. We recommend visiting the Pulgas Water Temple, just north of Filoli which features a beautiful stone temple and a large water structure.

Hiller Aviation Museum

The Hiller Aviation Museum is perfect for seniors with a thirst for history. A few hours observing the 50 aerospace vehicles the museum has on display will help entertain and educate seniors with an interest in the history of Northern California.

Old Down Town San Mateo

For seniors who grew up in San Mateo visiting the old Down Town area of San Mateo will be a real treat. The Down Town area is now home to many inexpensive, ethnic restaurants, making it a perfect spot to grab a bite for seniors with a love for international cuisine.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Seniors who spent their youth in San Mateo may want to explore old neighbourhoods they once lived in or buildings they used to work in. While some areas may have changed, seniors will probably find parts that are still very much the same as they were in the past. Searching for these similarities or changes in the places they used to know can stimulate the mind and improve seniors’ moods.

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