Your Senior Care Options In Orange County

Your Senior Care Options In Orange County

Elderly people living in Orange County, California, have several options when it comes to receiving care. Here are your senior care options in Orange County.

Senior Care Is Available In Senior Living Facilities.

There is a plethora of senior living communities in Orange County. And there are different kinds of senior living communities. These different types of communities specialize in helping seniors with different needs. Some of the more common communities include:

Independent Living Communities / Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are more senior living communities than senior care communities. That’s why they’re often called independent living communities. Residents in these communities live independently. They basically manage their own lives as much as seniors who live in their own private Newport Beach homes do. The staff at these facilities handle chores such as lawn mowing and cleaning, as well as maybe cooking meals that can be purchased in a communal dining hall.

Assisted Living Communities

While the two are quite similar, the big difference between assisted living communities and independent living communities is that with assisted living, the staff does provide care directly to the residents. Assisted living aims to balance care and independence. Assisted living residents receive all the care they require but are still encouraged to manage their own lives as much as they can. Always Best Care of Newport Beach offers assisted living placements to help seniors and their families find the best assisted living communities for them in Orange County.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are places for seniors who require high levels of care. Such seniors often can’t make important decisions about their care. Nor can they typically manage their own lives to a significant degree.

Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care Homes

Seniors with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, often need specialized care. That’s why there are facilities to serve them. These communities often have staff who are specially trained and/or experienced in treating patients with these conditions.

Senior Care Is Available In The Private Orange County Homes Of Seniors.

Some seniors prefer to stay in their own Newport Beach homes. For them, Always Best Care of Newport Beach can send in-home caregivers to deliver the care they need. We separate our in-home care services into three categories:

  • Companion care assists seniors with their mental and emotional health, helping them deal with loneliness, depression, and early onset Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Home helper services help seniors with household chores and errands.
  • Personal care helps seniors take care of themselves and execute the activities of daily living.

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