What Does “Non-Medical In-Home Care” Mean?

What Does "Non-Medical In-Home Care in Newport Beach" Mean?

For seniors in Newport Beach and their families who are exploring their care options, some of the lingo may be confusing. As with many industries, the senior care business comes with its fair share of jargon and specific terms. It can be difficult to differentiate the advertising key phrases of a specific company from industry-wide terms that convey real meaning. For example, what exactly does “non-medical in-home care” mean?

Non-Medical In-Home Care in Newport Beach

Non-medical in-home care” is a mouthful, to be fair. I mean, it’s got seven syllables and two hypens! But if you break the phrase down into its constituent components, it’s actually not that confusing. “In-home” means it’s provided to clients in their own homes. The “non-medical” part does concern some people, though. But “non-medical”, in this case, does not mean it involves alternative medicine or anything like that. It simply means that the person providing the care is not a doctor or registered nurse. And that makes sense. You can’t hire a doctor to help you get up and down the stairs twice or more a day. A registered nurse isn’t going to help you with your grocery shopping. But a caregiver can.

Non-Medical In-Home Caregivers in Newport Beach

Caregivers are not medical professionals. But that doesn’t mean that any rube who fell off the back of a turnip truck can be a caregiver. On the contrary, all the caregivers employed by Always Best Care of Newport Beach are bonded, insured, skills-tested, and have passed a criminal background check. This way we can make sure our clients receive care from competent, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers.

In-Home Care in Newport Beach

Non-medical in-home care is provided to clients in their own private homes, not in a senior care facility. For example, there are several great assisted living communities in and near Newport Beach, California. If you or an elderly loved one want to move into one of these communities, Always Best Care of Newport Beach can help you do that. But these communities aren’t the right fit for everybody.

Newport Beach has many nice homes. But whether you live in a palatial, ocean-front mansion or a modest apartment building away from the shore, you probably love your home. It’s where you’re most comfortable and if you’re a senior facing health challenges and your own mortality, do you really want to give up that comforting environment? Probably not. Furthermore, assisted living requires rents and fees to pay for the facilities and the staff, so it is usually cheaper to arrange for non-medical in-home care where you only need to pay for the services you receive.

Non-Medical In-Home Care Services in Newport Beach

Non-medical in-home caregivers provide care services that can be categorized in one of three ways:

  • Personal care – care services designed to help seniors take care of themselves. This can include help with eating, bathing, using the toilet, and mobility.
  • Homemaking services – services to help seniors manage their homes. Homemaking services can include doing the laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and more.
  • Companion care – services focussed on the mental health of seniors by talking to them, listening to them, playing card games with them, and encouraging them to go outside and spend time with others.

Always Best Care of Newport Beach

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