Need A Break From Caring For A Loved One? You Need Respite Care

Need a Break from Caring for a Loved One? You Need Respite Care

If you provide care to a loved one, either on your own or with other family members, you’re going to need a break eventually, and that’s when you need respite care.

What Is Respite Care?

The nomenclature of “respite care” confuses some people. A respite is a break or a relief.  But while “senior care” and “elderly care” are terms named for the people who receive that care, i.e., elderly people, “respite care” is named for the caregiver. The respite is for the caregiver. Ideally, the only thing that changes for the person being cared for is the person who provides that care.

Who Is Respite Care For?

The caregivers at Always Best Care of Newport Beach are skills-tested employees who have passed a pre-employment screening. They are experienced, bonded, and insured. But not all caregivers in California are like this. Many caregivers don’t give care for money, they do it out of love.

These family caregivers care for family or friends who are old, infirm, or who have disabilities. They run errands for their loved ones, remind them to take medication, prepare meals for them, help them in the shower, and more. This work isn’t easy and it’s not always pleasant. That’s why these caregivers deserve a respite.

When Is Respite Care Helpful?

Respite care allows family caregivers to recharge their batteries. Taking a break allows family caregivers to return to their loved ones with renewed energy and focus. Respite care can benefit everybody involved. Respite care is helpful for family caregivers in situations such as when:

  • They’re going on a vacation.
  • They’re traveling to a wedding or other event.
  • They just need a break to take some time for themselves.
  • They have their own health issue, or that of a spouse or child, to attend to.
  • They have a busy period coming up at work.
  • They have a work trip to go on.
  • They have a busy period at school or an important exam or presentation.
  • They’re moving house or have another big event in their life that requires their attention.

What Kinds Of Services Can You Receive With Respite Care?

At Always Best Care of Newport Beach, our respite care covers all the services our normal elderly care programs do. Respite care includes personal care, companion care, and home helper services. This means that while you’re away, your loved one can receive assistance with physical tasks, with cleaning their home, and their mental health.

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